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Enjoy Party Mode, Moods, Profiles, Hypercharging, Advanced Regeneration and much more with MoveOS 3
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Your vibe
decides your ride

Change your entire riding experience by customizing dash, widgets and even the way your scooter sounds. Available in light and dark modes.


A futuristic burst of pure adrenaline for those who love speed and power.


Go back in time and experience old-school vibes, even while riding the scooter of the future.


Our scooter’s default mood is inspired by space and is perfect for the everyday explorer.
Ola Electric scooter profiles

One scooter,
many riders

With multiple profiles, share the scooter safely and securely with friends and family.

Take the party wherever you go

With Party Mode, turn any song into a synchronized light show, wherever you go.

The answer
to your calls

Get call notifications on your dash and stay connected always.

Get Moving with MoveOS 3

Party Mode
Advanced Regen
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Vacation Mode
Proximity Lock / Unlock (Beta)
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Ever growing Hypercharger network

Go up to 50km in 15 mins* of Hypercharging
* Time taken to charge and range depends on scooter temperature, ambient temperature, age of scooter and other factors
Ola hypercharger
Ola Electric scooter profiles

Charge on the go

With Advanced Regeneration, charge your battery on the go with a flick of your wrist.

And so much more

Hill Hold

Access Documents

WiFi Features

Vacation Mode

The Hill Hold feature is still in the Beta phase and we are rolling it out in phases to customers. You will receive the feature soon. For any further queries please write to us

Lock and unlock,
powered by your walk

Simply walk to the scooter with your phone, and it recognises you and unlocks. As seamless as it can get.